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One of the many excuses that everyone likes to use as their go-to for not working out is that they simply don’t have enough time in their day.  Between holiday dinners, school activities for the kids, maintaining somewhat of a social life, and work, where does working out find priority?  Here are some tips from your Portland personal trainer on how to find a way to fit everything into your day, without spreading yourself too thin.

1.  Make your meals for the week on Sunday.  Cooking can not only seem like a chore after a full day, but can also be time consuming.  Make time for exercise by freezing your meals for the week so you just have to heat them up.  Crock pot meals work well too!

2.  DVR your favorite shows.  You might not be able to bare missing an episode of Modern Family, so DVR it.  Most networks allow you to watch episodes online if DVRing is not an option.

3.  Workout on your lunch break.  Go for a quick sweat session at the gym, or a power walk with your co-worker.

4.  Complete morning activities the night before.  Pack lunches, sign off on homework assignments, decide what will be made for breakfast, etc.  The less you have to do in the morning, the more time you have to pop in a workout video.

5.  Give yourself deadlines.  You really want pick up the latest issue of your favorite magazine so you can fill yourself in on the latest celebrity gossip.  Allow yourself 20 minutes to read through it, and then head onto your next task.  It’s easy to wrap yourself into a task and wonder where all the time went.

6.  Go to bed early.  Although we may sometimes feel that there’s too much to get done in a day to go to sleep early, we are often more productive and energetic the next when we do, giving us more efficientcy to get things done.

What is Anaerobic Fitness Training?

Anaerobic in its simpliest terms, means without oxygen. When you do aerobic training, you are maintaining a certain heart rate for a certain time duration or distance. A great example would be doing a half or full marathon. When doing anaerobic training, if you want to get the feeling of what this feels like, then sprint as fast as you can for 100 meters.

This type of fitness training is utilizing sudden quick bursts of energy, such as sprinting, jumping, hopping, but for shorter duration periods versus aerobic training. By doing this type of training, it can help with improving speed, power, agility and increasing lean body mass. If you ever look at the type of action that a football does in a game, they are short duration plays. If they get a chance to run the ball, it is quick. Even when they are running for that long pass, when they catch it they are either tackled or they sprinting even faster to make a touchdown, but it only lasts a certain amount of seconds, not minutes.