Portland personal training: How To Lose Fat!

If you are struggling with losing fat, then here are few tips that you can utilize to help attack it and make it go away. The first thing you need to do is write down everything that you are doing in regards to your current plan. This means that you need to write down all of your exercise, what you are eating on a daily basis, your sleep patterns and the goals you have set out to achieve. If you have not done any of this or are just working out for the sake of working out, then we need for you develop a plan of action and so you are geared up for success.
The first rule is that you need to know that it takes 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat. So if you can find a way to eat less and burn more calories that will total up to that number, then you will lose a pound of fat weight per week. This can be a combination of factors and it does not all have to come with diet restriction. If you were to burn 250 calories per day from exercise and cut out 250 calories from your current diet, then you would lose a pound per week. The same goes for if you increased your intensity level with exercise, you would lose more per week.

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