Wear The Correct Shoes

The Resolute Teen: Satirian tx plan
Edith and Sheri are the client
Early phase
Set and define goals with client and identify any needs for referrals and crisis to address. Get Roberto to anger management classes and Edith to Dv women’s support groups.

Goal 1: Increase client’s (Edith and Sheri’s) self esteem to allow them to gain hope to what the future looks like.
I1: Through Empathy and validation, Th will allow clients to share their story and discuss fears of the meaning of the abuse is for Edith.
I2: Role playing with Edith and Sheri to facilitate adaptive coping skills for what they might do if Roberto is aggressive again. I would do this by making myself play Roberto and allow Edith to practice how she might respond to an attack.

Goal: Decrease Edith and Sheri’s anxiety levels to reduce unhealthy patterns of creating homeostasis.
I1: Strengthen Edith and Sheri’s coping prosses and coping skills.
I2: Clarify personal responsibility of Edith and Sheri’s choices to promote good health in the family and individually.

Goal: (Each week establish emotional Contact with the client by checking in with each member) Increase Edith and Sheri’s emotional connection and growth in the relationship to reduce unhealthy patterns of superior/ inferior relationship between Edith and Roberto.
I1: Sculpting technique to bring to awareness the placater role Edith is playing in her relationship with Roberto.
12: Coaching Edith and Sheri on congruent communication. I would do this by creating chaos in the session and working with each individual to reframe their use of language to move to that of a more congruent style.

Goal: Increase client’s ability to disagree productively and interpret hostility to establish congruent messages.
I1: Coaching family to detriangulate in session, putting Sheri out of the argument between Edith and Roberto to allow Sheri to continue being a teenager.
I2: Role play with family to create new understanding with increased awareness of family patterns.

Closing Phase:
Goal: Develop aftercare plan to maintain goals. Review progress with clients. Increase Edith and Sheri’s sense of autonomy to reduce low self esteem (the POT)
I1: Individual sessions to increase valuing self and reducing victim and placating stance. I would have indiv. session with Edith and Sheri and work on their self esteem by doing exercises of sculpting and role playing.
I2: Using touch between family members to nonverbally show their feelings to one another. I would have Edith and Sheri work on more hugs and showing intimacy and affection to increase their emotional connection.

Adlerian Therapy

Edith and Sheri
Make initial meeting with client, make necessary referrals: Edith to DV support group.
Goal: Assess client’s lifestyle and establish a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.
I1: Informal assessment of asking questions regarding family rules, family roles, and social interests. Joining with the family.
I2: Develop a genogram with the family to gain an understanding of what’s going on, what works and what does not.
Goal: Increase client’s understanding of the family dynamics to bring self awareness to relational roles and explicit and implicit family rules.
I1: Using immediacy of what’s happening now between the members to dispell pessimistic perceptions.
12: Give client’s encouragement when self awareness is increased by Edith of her role in the family.

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