Portland Fitness Trainer: Private Personal Training Is Better, Safer & More Effective Than Boot Camps

So you are hearing a lot in Portland, Oregon that Boot Camps are almost as good as private personal training. You notice you hear them say that you can get similar results, that are more cost effective, but when you look at the final results, Private One on One personal training is better than Boot Camps. You don’t see celebrities doing boot camp classes when they need to get ready for a specific role or rock stars taking Boot Camp classes to get ready for their tour and to maintain their physiques. They know that what they pay for is what they get, so they might as well hire the best, and they always hire private personal trainers to help them get in the best shape as they can. In Portland, Oregon, you are not going to be paying high three figures per hour, but you will pay more than the average fitness trainer here and it will be more expensive that boot camp and group classes. If you want to minimize your injuries, get results quicker, then try private instruction. Too many individuals hurt themselves when participating in larger types of classes. If you do not believe this, go as some orthopedic doctors here in Portland and they will give you some numbers on how many individuals see them on a weekly and monthly basis from getting hurt in a boot camp class. Be smart; hire a private Portland fitness trainer if you want to get the most out of your money in the long run.
Happy Holidays,
Portland Fitness Trainer

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