Portland Fitness Training and Working Out On Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and we know that a lot of personal training clients are going to be putting those workouts aside for that day and just eating everything in sight. The one thing that we recommend is to do some activity throughout the day. For example, organize a long walk, hike or even a small run with a group of friends in order to get the body to start burning calories, getting that metabolism in hyper drive and to just start the day off right. You are going to be snacking all day, so do your best to do some activities, such as ping pong, tennis, boccie ball, horse shoes, etc. Do something that is fun, involves family and/or friends and will heat that body core temperature up. Some of us will be going skiing, because a lot of the major resorts will be opening up on turkey day, so that is another possibility too. You can bomb down the mountains all day or even half day, and then head back home for some excellent food.

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