Personal Trainer Portland: Working Out and Coffee!

So you see all of these people drinking all of these energy drinks and you ask yourself, are they healthy? Well, in the news this week one of the major energy drink companies is getting a lot of news when a few kids have died from drinking these beverages. How many individuals have passed away from drinking coffee? We are talking about, plain ol’ coffee! We would have to say, not that many.

When you get into working out, sometimes you need that extra surge of energy and sometimes just a few simple sips of coffee can do the trick, and that is it. You do not need to drink a 10x’s caffeine drink, but just plain coffee with maybe a little bit of sugar or honey in there. The next time you work out with your personal trainer Portland and you need an extra pick me up or are need some extra awakening power, have an apple, a banana or a few sips of regular coffee. You will be surprised on what natural foods and beverages can do.

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