Portland Fitness Training: Food, Addiction and Personal Training!

There is a fine line of how much a personal trainer can assist someone with their food intake, diet and nutrition. In the scope of practice for a personal trainer, the profession can only look at what the person is eating and offer suggestions if that was a good choice, but they are not to give exact requirements on what to eat, write up a menu plan or give dietary advice. This needs to be handled by a trained and licensed dietitian in their area. It is always good practice to associate or be able to refer a client to an expert when it comes to food and nutrition. Even if someone says they are certified in nutrition, that does not mean anything, they must be a registered dietitian or a medial physician.

The other part is that some clients will have a challenging time with portion control, food addiction and not being able to control this, especially during stressful times. As a Portland personal trainer, it is always okay to refer your client to a licensed therapist of professional who specializes in these types of addiction, because that is not our expertise or focus. We can be there cheerleader, help them with their bodies, but we are not experts when it comes to the psychological factors that are associated with food addiction, etc. Leave that to the experts. If you client is seeing a therapist and training with you, then they are being extremely proactive with both their physical and mental health, which is what we want and we should congratulate them for that, because most people do not want to take themselves on in that capacity.

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