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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Always Work Those Core Muscles

What every workout plan, routine or program you decide to do, always make sure that you are doing some activities to exercise your CORE Muscles. These will not only help prevent major injuries in the future, but it is a great way to keep you strong throughout your daily activities. If you are working with a Portland Oregon personal trainer, then let them know you would like to have some extra exercises to do at home that will help your CORE muscles so that you will have a strong and healthy mid section.

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Portland Fitness Trainer: Don’t Fail At Your 2013 New Years Resolutions!

About 80% of people will fail at their New Years Resolutions in 2013 and one of the biggest reasons is that they are resolutions, not goals. When you set a goal, it is mentally more important and you will be more apt to be more aggressive at attaining it. So many people want to lose 10 pounds and hardly any of them lose it, why? Well, they do not plan the work! So many individuals will shoot from the hip and have no clear direction on where they want to go, which means they will fail at their resolutions. If your goal is to lose those 10 pounds, that can be achieved in one month with a correct food plan, exercise prescription and some accountability & motivation.

If you are still serious about getting those 10 pounds off, then why not hire a Portland fitness trainer in your area. We know, you can do it on your own, and you have proven that by still making the same resolutions year after year and not being successful at it. Sometimes a person needs to put their ego aside and really ask for help, which is one of the best things a person can do. In the life coach world, they call this “Surrendering to the Process”. Good luck in 2013 and lets hit those Goals, not Resolutions.

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Portland Fitness Trainer: It Is Time To Get Results – Hire A Personal Trainer!

If you live in Portland, Oregon and you are in the market for a personal trainer, then start doing your due diligence. You are going to want to look at as many reviews as possible, especially on Google, Yelp, and on these individuals or companies websites. In addition, look at their blogs too, because if they are old and stagnant, then that is a big red flag that they do not take their business serious. You want to work with a Portland fitness trainer who is not only an excellent fitness expert, but also knows how to run a great business. A great business, means happy employees and happy employees means great personal trainers who are giving their clients everything they have to offer. Good luck in 2013 and make those fitness goals happen.

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