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Portland Fitness Trainer: Private Personal Training Is Better, Safer & More Effective Than Boot Camps

So you are hearing a lot in Portland, Oregon that Boot Camps are almost as good as private personal training. You notice you hear them say that you can get similar results, that are more cost effective, but when you look at the final results, Private One on One personal training is better than Boot Camps. You don’t see celebrities doing boot camp classes when they need to get ready for a specific role or rock stars taking Boot Camp classes to get ready for their tour and to maintain their physiques. They know that what they pay for is what they get, so they might as well hire the best, and they always hire private personal trainers to help them get in the best shape as they can. In Portland, Oregon, you are not going to be paying high three figures per hour, but you will pay more than the average fitness trainer here and it will be more expensive that boot camp and group classes. If you want to minimize your injuries, get results quicker, then try private instruction. Too many individuals hurt themselves when participating in larger types of classes. If you do not believe this, go as some orthopedic doctors here in Portland and they will give you some numbers on how many individuals see them on a weekly and monthly basis from getting hurt in a boot camp class. Be smart; hire a private Portland fitness trainer if you want to get the most out of your money in the long run.
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Portland Personal Training: How Many Carbohydrates Do You Need?

It seems that people are still cutting out there carbohydrates from their food plan, but it is an essential food component, especially if you like to sweat and workout hard. Did you know that carbohydrates should represent about 65% of your daily food intake. The equation you can use to determine how many carbohydrates you need is as follows:

Carbohydrate Equation: (Take your Weight in lbs) X (3)
(Take your Weight in lbs) X (5)

If you are working with a Portland personal trainer or fitness professional, make sure they are making you keep a food journal so you can keep track of your food habits. In addition, if you seeking more advice about food and need an exact food plan, then it is highly suggested to consult with a registered dietitian in your area.

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Portland Fitness Training: Don’t Gain Weight During The Winter Months

It is cold, foggy, rainy and maybe even snowing outside! What are we to do? For one thing, we should not give up and not exercise for the upcoming months because we cannot go outside. You need to take the workout to the indoors. Just because the weather is miserable outside does not mean that you need to let your body go to waste. You worked too hard for this happen; so why do so many people do this? I cannot fathom the thought of working your tail off for so many months and then letting it slip away because the temperature drops a certain percentage points. Do you realize how challenging it will be to get those results back? It is going to take double the effort the next time around, because the body does not like change, but when you put a stimuli on it, the way it reacts creates great results, so lets keep them coming!
If it is motivation or lack of motivation, then why not hire a personal trainer in your area. I know up here in the Pacific Northwest, a lot of individuals get depressed and de-motivated and will just hang out, drink a lot of micro-brew beer and indulge in the many tasty restaurants Portland, Oregon has to offer. When you put bad weather with tasty food and great beer, this is a body’s worst nightmare. Maybe the taste buds will enjoy it, but our bodies will start gaining weight in areas that are not favorable. Why not go with a professional and hire a Portland fitness training company to help you during this time of need?

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