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Personal Trainer Portland: Choosing A Personal Training Studio!

When you are looking for a personal training studio to work with in Portland, Oregon, you need to make sure that it is a place that specializes in that type of fitness. There are just too many places in this city that say they offer personal training, but it is small classes, group classes, Cross Fit or boot camps. They say they offer one on one training, but they really want you into the bigger type of classes because that is where they will make more money per hour. That is totally cool because they need to make money for the business and we all totally get that.

If you are looking for more of the one on one personal training, then when you narrow it down to all of the studios that just offer that, the numbers are going to come down to only a small handful. Meaning, you need to find a place that only offers private training, where there are no membership or amenity fees, only the cost of meeting with your Portland personal trainer.

One on one sessions are going to be more expensive, but the quality of the service, expertise and results that you will get will supersede that from any other type of training.  When you get to a level of fitness where your biomechanic’s  form and ability level are in the intermediate to advanced levels, then you can start venturing out into boot camps and maybe some Cross Fit classes. You want to develop an excellent fitness base that is focused on form, breathing technique and being able to exercise correctly when there is lactic acid buildup. These are just some of the benefits that a person will achieve when working with a professional.

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Personal Trainer Portland Or: Maintaining A Tight Stomach

When it comes to fitness training and training women, they seem to have more drive when it comes to getting back that body that they use to have. In addition, women tend to be more proactive when it comes to their health, especially when wanting to make sure they stay in great condition. This is extremely important when a woman starts to age and they want to make sure their bone density stays consistent and does not decline with age.

Another want that this demographic likes to have is a nice tight mid section. It can be very challenging for a young lady to keep their mid section tight, especially after having a child. One of the biggest key components to staying in shape and maintaining great tone when pregnant and after having the baby is to stay consistent with your exercise. Even though the intensity is going to decrease as a woman gets farther along with her pregnancy, she can bounce back really quick if they are active during their entire pregnancy  unless instructed by their physician. If you are looking to keep your mid section in check prior and during pregnancy, then do your investigation and hire the best the personal trainer Portland Or that you can find and then stick with them.

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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Always Work Those Core Muscles

What every workout plan, routine or program you decide to do, always make sure that you are doing some activities to exercise your CORE Muscles. These will not only help prevent major injuries in the future, but it is a great way to keep you strong throughout your daily activities. If you are working with a Portland Oregon personal trainer, then let them know you would like to have some extra exercises to do at home that will help your CORE muscles so that you will have a strong and healthy mid section.

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Portland Fitness Trainer: Don’t Fail At Your 2013 New Years Resolutions!

About 80% of people will fail at their New Years Resolutions in 2013 and one of the biggest reasons is that they are resolutions, not goals. When you set a goal, it is mentally more important and you will be more apt to be more aggressive at attaining it. So many people want to lose 10 pounds and hardly any of them lose it, why? Well, they do not plan the work! So many individuals will shoot from the hip and have no clear direction on where they want to go, which means they will fail at their resolutions. If your goal is to lose those 10 pounds, that can be achieved in one month with a correct food plan, exercise prescription and some accountability & motivation.

If you are still serious about getting those 10 pounds off, then why not hire a Portland fitness trainer in your area. We know, you can do it on your own, and you have proven that by still making the same resolutions year after year and not being successful at it. Sometimes a person needs to put their ego aside and really ask for help, which is one of the best things a person can do. In the life coach world, they call this “Surrendering to the Process”. Good luck in 2013 and lets hit those Goals, not Resolutions.

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Portland Fitness Trainer: It Is Time To Get Results – Hire A Personal Trainer!

If you live in Portland, Oregon and you are in the market for a personal trainer, then start doing your due diligence. You are going to want to look at as many reviews as possible, especially on Google, Yelp, and on these individuals or companies websites. In addition, look at their blogs too, because if they are old and stagnant, then that is a big red flag that they do not take their business serious. You want to work with a Portland fitness trainer who is not only an excellent fitness expert, but also knows how to run a great business. A great business, means happy employees and happy employees means great personal trainers who are giving their clients everything they have to offer. Good luck in 2013 and make those fitness goals happen.

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Portland Personal Training: How Many Carbohydrates Do You Need?

It seems that people are still cutting out there carbohydrates from their food plan, but it is an essential food component, especially if you like to sweat and workout hard. Did you know that carbohydrates should represent about 65% of your daily food intake. The equation you can use to determine how many carbohydrates you need is as follows:

Carbohydrate Equation: (Take your Weight in lbs) X (3)
(Take your Weight in lbs) X (5)

If you are working with a Portland personal trainer or fitness professional, make sure they are making you keep a food journal so you can keep track of your food habits. In addition, if you seeking more advice about food and need an exact food plan, then it is highly suggested to consult with a registered dietitian in your area.

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Portland Fitness Training: Don’t Gain Weight During The Winter Months

It is cold, foggy, rainy and maybe even snowing outside! What are we to do? For one thing, we should not give up and not exercise for the upcoming months because we cannot go outside. You need to take the workout to the indoors. Just because the weather is miserable outside does not mean that you need to let your body go to waste. You worked too hard for this happen; so why do so many people do this? I cannot fathom the thought of working your tail off for so many months and then letting it slip away because the temperature drops a certain percentage points. Do you realize how challenging it will be to get those results back? It is going to take double the effort the next time around, because the body does not like change, but when you put a stimuli on it, the way it reacts creates great results, so lets keep them coming!
If it is motivation or lack of motivation, then why not hire a personal trainer in your area. I know up here in the Pacific Northwest, a lot of individuals get depressed and de-motivated and will just hang out, drink a lot of micro-brew beer and indulge in the many tasty restaurants Portland, Oregon has to offer. When you put bad weather with tasty food and great beer, this is a body’s worst nightmare. Maybe the taste buds will enjoy it, but our bodies will start gaining weight in areas that are not favorable. Why not go with a professional and hire a Portland fitness training company to help you during this time of need?

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Portland Fitness Training and Working Out On Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and we know that a lot of personal training clients are going to be putting those workouts aside for that day and just eating everything in sight. The one thing that we recommend is to do some activity throughout the day. For example, organize a long walk, hike or even a small run with a group of friends in order to get the body to start burning calories, getting that metabolism in hyper drive and to just start the day off right. You are going to be snacking all day, so do your best to do some activities, such as ping pong, tennis, boccie ball, horse shoes, etc. Do something that is fun, involves family and/or friends and will heat that body core temperature up. Some of us will be going skiing, because a lot of the major resorts will be opening up on turkey day, so that is another possibility too. You can bomb down the mountains all day or even half day, and then head back home for some excellent food.

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Portland Fitness Training: Food, Addiction and Personal Training!

There is a fine line of how much a personal trainer can assist someone with their food intake, diet and nutrition. In the scope of practice for a personal trainer, the profession can only look at what the person is eating and offer suggestions if that was a good choice, but they are not to give exact requirements on what to eat, write up a menu plan or give dietary advice. This needs to be handled by a trained and licensed dietitian in their area. It is always good practice to associate or be able to refer a client to an expert when it comes to food and nutrition. Even if someone says they are certified in nutrition, that does not mean anything, they must be a registered dietitian or a medial physician.

The other part is that some clients will have a challenging time with portion control, food addiction and not being able to control this, especially during stressful times. As a Portland personal trainer, it is always okay to refer your client to a licensed therapist of professional who specializes in these types of addiction, because that is not our expertise or focus. We can be there cheerleader, help them with their bodies, but we are not experts when it comes to the psychological factors that are associated with food addiction, etc. Leave that to the experts. If you client is seeing a therapist and training with you, then they are being extremely proactive with both their physical and mental health, which is what we want and we should congratulate them for that, because most people do not want to take themselves on in that capacity.

Personal Training In Portland: Is there a Bad Food?

Is there really a bad food out there? Are french fries really that bad for you? When it comes to junk food, snack food, fried food, meaty food, etc. it all comes down to how much of you it you eat. A great example is when someone is eating small portions for a certain period of time and they have been cooking all of their food at home, and then they  go out to eat. Lets say they eat a basket of fries and some hot wings, they are probably not going to be feeling that great. For one, they are not used to consuming large portions of fat at one sitting. In addition, if they are not used to eating spicy wings, then they might be in for a surprise.
Another example is eating super healthy throughout the week and then splurging on that one day during the weekend. If you body is not used to it, it will let you know. In addition, if you decide to splurge two times during the weekend, then it could ruin any positive results you achieved in weight or body fat loss for that week.
If you want to some extra tips on how to avoid cheating twice during the weekend, ask your local fitness professional. If you live in Portland, Oregon, then I would advise doing a search for your local Portland fitness trainer or if you have a great referral.
When it comes to the types of foods, you have to go back to moderation, but also what feels good in your body. If you know if you have some salami or cured meats and you get bloated, you should probably only eat those once in a great while, because your body does not like it. In addition, if you are always craving salty foods and you need your fix, then try some popcorn with just a dash of salt.
How about candy or snack food? Can you use them to your advantage? Of course you can, especially when you are running or doing endurance types of activities. Whenever you are going longer that one hour in duration, your body is going to need to replace its glycogen and a great way is to increase the carbohydrates for that. If you are running, this can involve some kind of bar, a small bite of a snickers, shot blocks, etc. Whatever you body likes and your stomach can absorb quickly is probably what you want to use.
You probably were looking for the miracle answer, but  eat in moderation, but also listen to your body. If you are craving protein, then have some protein, but don’t eat a large t-bone steak, eat a smaller portion of that.